Signify is an ethical data science company. We use machine learning and open source data sets to find out what people care most about. Then we help our clients build positive, helpful campaigns that resonate with thousands of people. 

Signify's core values are honesty and respect for privacy. We want to show the world that AI and big data can build social empathy and inspire better products and policies. We stand for positive and practical communication.

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Chief Strategy Officer Jon acted as forensic lead for this ITV documentary about death threats againt MPs


Partner with Signify

Signify work with a number of other agencies in politics, media, brand and corporate communications.

Each partnership is built on the development of shared revenue models and innovative proprietary technology.

Signify are hiring

We are looking for data scientists, coders, designers, analysts and strategists to help us plan and build positive campaigns. Signify is a Lean startup built on continuous innovation and validated learning.