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Signify use AI and data science to find out what people need or want and the issues that they feel strongest about. We help our clients to predict and meet the needs of a rapidly changing society. We can quickly test and validate new ideas for clients using search, social media and polling tools. Signify stand for positive and practical communication.



Signify is an ethical AI-driven data science company. We only use public data. We have no interest in targeting or profiling individuals. Our methodology is transparent, so everyone in the company (and all our clients) understand both the power, and the limits of our technology. AI and data science has a large role to play in improving all our lives by identifying issues and unmet needs. We build helpful, inspiring campaigns and we promote understanding and trust.



We are looking for data scientists, coders, designers, analysts and strategists to help us plan and build positive campaigns. Signify is a Lean startup built on continuous innovation and validated learning.