Radar Audience

Our ‘People’ product. Radar helps us understand the values, interests and influences of different groups.

• Rapidly build custom Audience groups
• Learn about values, interests and influence
• Remove the inherent bias of surveys and panels
• Map competitor activity and opportunities
• Refine media with relevant profiles and content

Build empathy and connections with your audience.



Our ‘News and media’ product. Look beyond the news cycle to find the issues and the stories that people actually cared about.

• Find key issues, authors and influencers
• See how the public interprets your work
• Create compelling content and narrative

Understand what people care about and why. Decide how to help them and how to talk about your work.


Ethical workshops

We co-create an ethical framework for data handling and research, with your staff.

• Corporate standards and security
• Public needs and benefits
• Your purpose and your work
• Prototypes for internal and external data use

Ethical design will ensure your work with data is not only worthwhile but also beneficial.



We build dashboards based on the things your whole team needs to know.

• Mainstream news and social media feeds
• Co-created reports based on your burning questions
• Automate and track KPIs and underlying trend data

By building based on your burning questions we ensure our dashboards are useful every hour of every day.


Threat Matrix

Based on decades of experience countering threats and abusive behaviour, our systems reduce risk and improve accuracy for security and editorial teams.

• Monitor incoming social and other feeds
• Prioritise abusive behaviour and language
• Custom dashboards for security and talent teams

Identify, prioritise and manage unacceptable or threatening behaviour online.


Social Intelligence

Augment quantitative and qualitative research with AI-powered deep dives on big data sets

• Flexible dual-track methodology
• Use research to define and validate big data
• Low-cost scale into new languages and markets

Test and validate hypotheses at scale to augment your research with millions of data points

digital insight.png

Signify Digital Insight

AI-powered research into needs and behaviours

• Captures Social + Dark Social + Search + Media
• Competitor analysis and sector benchmarks
• Custom KPIs and performance dashboards

Our bespoke research methodology is built around what you need tomorrow, this week and this month

About SIGNIFY products

All products and services and the storage and processing systems that Signify uses to support them are compliant with the highest standards of data privacy and data security, including GDPR. Signify is an Ethical Data Science company. [Read our Five Rules]

All Signify products and services are subject to a cycle of continuous innovation and evaluation. Our projects always start with a workshop to get the benefit of your experience and what you know about your target audience. 

Prices are dependent on scope, and we do offer a concessionary rate for charities.

To learn more about how we work please get in touch or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.