Signify is a purpose-driven organisation.


Our goal is to show the value of ethical, transparent research based on large data sets – helping clients and partners to unlock the things that really matter, and to build relevant and helpful campaigns.


Machine learning and data analytics are having a huge impact on healthcare, education and business – to have the same impact on the way we understand and talk to each other, we need to earn trust.




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OF Ethical Data Science

    5. Only gather data for a reason

    6. Keep people and their data safe

    7. Choose clients with good intentions


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    1. Be transparent about methodology

    2. Respect and protect privacy

    3. Do work that has a beneficial impact

    4. Promote truth and facts, not distortions



Partner with Signify

Signify work with a number of other agencies. Each partnership is built on the development of shared revenue models and cool proprietary technology.

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Signify Products

All our products are built on a combination of machine learning and public anonymised data: without prying on individuals, we pinpoint underlying issues and coming trends.

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Online Forensics

In addition to our work with brands and media partners, we conduct forensic research on behalf of clients who are fighting the subversion of democracy and the spread of fake news.

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