Signify featured on Radio 4 Today programme

This morning, our Chief Operating Officer Joe Harrod appeared on Radio 4's Today Programme talking to Business Editor Dominic O'Connell. We were asked onto the show to respond to Cambridge Analytica closing and filing for bankruptcy, and discuss the implications for other firms that specialise in data science.

As you would expect, we view this as a very positive moment for data science and a chance to talk about the value of respect and transparency.

Here's the audio clip:

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Choose Love Pop Up Store

Opening at a prime Soho location on Black Friday, the Choose Love pop up shop offered a thoughtful twist on the usual pre-Christmas shopping spree. At the store, you could spend as much as you wanted (up to £500) but you would leave with nothing. All the gifts shoppers bought were donated to refugees in camps across Europe. The store was stocked with practical items like tents, space blankets, warm clothes, boots and food. By offering a positive, practical way to engage with the plight of thousands of refugees, Choose Love sparked massive interest among shoppers, celebrity supporters who took shifts at the shop and journalists looking for a twist to the usual Christmas commerce stories.

In defence of Data Science, a reaction to Cambridge Analytica.

In defence of Data Science, a reaction to Cambridge Analytica.

Signify was founded a year ago as a reaction to the direction we perceived #datascience to be heading. We're working hard to try and change the way business and politics think of and engage with data. There is a choice to be made...

"The person who wins by lying will govern by lying"

Brazilians are the second most active users of social media in the world, and there area already several organisations on both left and right who have made it their business to increase polarisation and spread fake news. There is some hope for candidates who are consistent and clear whenever they speak and who stand up for ordinary people - having a mission and sticking to that mission will make it harder for people to attack them, although it will not stop those attacks.