Work with Signify

Do you want to work with Signify?

We are living in interesting times. Signify is looking to make connections worldwide (but especially in the USA and UK) with data scientists, mathematicians, coders and designers with an interest in politics.

We use data science and Artificial Intelligence to analyse, activate and elevate public discourse. We are standing up for data tech as a force for good. The past several years have seen analytics used to pinpoint and harness fears, with social media increasingly used to spread disinformation. Signify contends the true value of these technologies is precisely the opposite: to identify what really matters to people, build momentum and effect real change.

By finding issues that matter and supporting people who want to improve the societies we live in, to the benefit of all, Signify are showing that data and AI are far more effective when used positively than negatively – we want to initiate a “race to the top”. Signify are looking for people to help out with data research and analysis, data visualisation and data modeling.

If you think you can do some or all of the work outlined below, we would love to hear from you. We are hiring in the USA and UK.

Data extraction and analysis

We’re looking for analysts with a philosophical, problem-solving bent who can work with public APIs, search and social tools, and proprietary data sets. You must be adept at finding out about latent and expressed needs in a given population – and suggesting engagement strategies. Experience with social listening and unstructured data sets is fundamental, with structured data experience a bonus. You must be able to write scripts and configure APIs to pull data – and use Boolean or more sophisticated models to segment and analyse. Familiarity with Google Adwords and Trends is a must.

Data models and visualisation

We’re looking for statisticians and anyone with an interest in creating models from vast data sets. Knowledge of R, coding skills and an interest in self-guided navigation and design are all plusses.

Beyond tableau, we want to push the envelope on detailed, beautiful infographics and data visualisations. Think Signal Noise, Information is Beautiful, etc. So let us know if you use tools like D3.

Project work

If you are interested in working with Signify, but not looking for a new challenge or not sure what’s involved, we are always looking for project teams to take on specific challenges. Some of these are unpaid hacking sessions (no technical skill required) and others are paid short-term engagements around specific events or stories.

Please contact us if you want to go on a (very occasional) mailing list for upcoming projects and hack days. Or you can just follow us on Twitter.

About Signify

We are headquartered in London but have a network in the USA. Signify is a Lean startup built on continuous innovation and validated learning. Every member of the team learns the fundamentals of data science and machine learning. We pay competitively for freelance and permanent roles, except on hack days when we pay beer and pizza. If you have any questions or want to send us a note about yourself please contact us