Signify were recently invited to give a talk at Twitter HQ, London for an event organised by the National Centre for Social Research. The talk features Jonathan Sebire (Chief Strategy Officer) and Joe Harrod (Chief Operating Officer, that's me) talking about the subversion of data science in politics. Here's the video:

Sincere apologies for the shocking quality of both audio and video. This is ripped from Periscope and overlaid with the slides we were presenting. If you can look past these limitations, the talk encapsulates some of the reasons why we decided to set up Signify - and why we believe positive issues-led campaigns will always trounce negative tactics.

You can learn more about the great work done by the National Centre for Social Research at They are an awesome organisation and the other talks on the night were so inspiring. Probably the highlight was a study on using searches for medical conditions to predict overload on hospitals each winter - life saving insight.