What we do


Signify is an ethical data science company that uses machine learning and public data sets to identify and interpret the things that people really care about. Using this analysis Signify creates positive and helpful campaigns around those issues and ideas. Signify stand for better communication.

Signify don’t believe it’s desirable, or even truly possible, to use data science about private individuals to exert control over them. Using private data in this was is also illegal under the terms of GDPR. What is possible and useful is to use data science to identify what people care about enough to search, post, share, comment or watch a video on that topic every couple of days. By understanding what people around you really care about you can build resonant, engaged and helpful campaigns.

Politicians, media outlets and brands are all obsessed with novelty; the news cycle, new trends and expensive launches capture their attention. Whilst this does interest regular people they also have underlying, fundamental, concerns and aspirations that evolve at a much slower rate. Although Signify uses the latest data science, analytical and machine learning technology our work is often about slowing down and taking time to understand what people really care about beyond the immediate moment.

Signify analysis for #GE2017 showed the election was as much about Social Care, as Brexit

Signify analysis for #GE2017 showed the election was as much about Social Care, as Brexit

Signify was set up to work at the cutting edge of data science, machine learning, analytics and communications. We have a dedicated research and development programme and a number of bespoke models for auditing and interacting with public media. All of our partners in media, politics and academia are committed to better understanding and communication through technology.

Signify is a Lean organisation with a commitment to continuous innovation and learning. Every activity and project is judged by meaningful KPIs: we value progress over vanity metrics. Every one of our team is expected to learn how to research and analyse massive data sets using machine learning so that what we talk about and sell is based on science, not magic. Every project includes an experiment to expand our range of insights. And our Research and Development programme ensures that our analysts, coders and AI handlers spend at least 20% of their time learning new skills and technologies.  


Our expertise in social, search and news media extends to both efficient campaigning and progressive tactics: we have also consulted with both the Labour Party and the Democrats about the impact of negative campaigning, fake news and coordinated troll networks. You can read our analysis of these tactics in The Guardian. We know these tactics better than anyone and understand how to counter them with a positive, issues-based platform. 

Our analysis of gun control debate in Virginia showed zero risk in fielding #gunsense candidates

Our analysis of gun control debate in Virginia showed zero risk in fielding #gunsense candidates

Our cutting edge technology and transparent, ethical use of data make us an ideal partner for anyone that wants to understand the needs of the public and find ways to help and inspire them. Signify have already worked with political parties, TV channels, newspapers, brand owners and academics. We are happy to talk to anyone about how our technology and skills can help them build brilliant and useful campaigns or services.

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